Use your head

Leisha Jones comes face to face with a favourite dish from her childhood

I have been fed spicy food since I was the size of a bird’s eye chilli in the womb. My mother was living in Singapore when she was pregnant with me and throughout my childhood we went there almost once a year for my dad’s work. From a very young age I had my favourite dishes that I would race to eat every time we touched down. At eight years old I would crave to go to Little India and eat curries so hot they would burn the butthole off the burliest men. Full article “Use your head”

Here’s Barney drinks the Cool-Aid at the C&C Chicken Coop.

Word of this guy Bobby Wayne slinging fried chicken and cornbread to those in the know out of his garage (which he called The Chicken Coop) spread like wildfire around the boys I used to play league with for Aranui in Christchurch. They quickly got a taste for the fact it was the most legit fried chicken around. Full article “Here’s Barney drinks the Cool-Aid at the C&C Chicken Coop.”

Good things grow

What could be better as a chef than to have a direct relationship with the people who grow your produce and an influence over what they grow? Or as a grower committed to producing high-quality produce to have an assured market, which is passionate about what you do and how you do it? A sustainable food culture and agriculture focused on excellence requires these relationships to thrive Full article “Good things grow”

Sick Leave – podcast

Sick Leave podcast: Honest and open discussions with Chef’s/leaders/owners/operators in the hospitality industry throughout New Zealand about their journeys with mental health, depression, and anxiety.  Hosted by Shaun K Anderson

EP1 Mathew Fitzgerald, owner of Madame George bar & restaurant (Auckland) talks about his journey with depression and anxiety, the importance of exercise, and channelling aliens.

Full article “Sick Leave – podcast”

Hiakai > Monique Fiso

Monique Fiso’s Hiakai project is currently taking on the world. We are very proud to have been there to document the beginning, to give people a glimpse into  Monique’s graft and determination and to give her the space to tell her story.

Feeding bellies, not bins.

Every Monday night in Auckland’s St. Kevins Arcade a small crowd gathers at the top of the stairs as the clock inches closer to 6pm. Most people seem to know each other one way or another – from the government housing on Grey’s Ave, from sleeping on the streets, or from the surrounding offices, restaurants and shops – but they are all here for the same reason, to have some dinner. Full article “Feeding bellies, not bins.”


Charles Buenconsejo liked interviewing, writing about and photographing the crew at Nanam so much for Stone Soup Volume 4 so much, he decided to turn his interview into a video as a gift to celebrate their new abode.