Charles Buenconsejo liked interviewing, writing about and photographing the crew at Nanam so much for Stone Soup Volume 4 so much, he decided to turn his interview into a video as a gift to celebrate their new abode.

Eat New Zealand, Now we’re talking!

New Zealand food movement Eat New Zealand held their annual symposium in Wellington on 27th August 2017 in conjunction with Wellington On A Plate. Stone Soup Films set up a video booth to capture the thoughts of those in the audience and on the podium. The conversation continues….

Naomi Nakama – Ark coffee

Our previous hospitality profile, Yuki from Tanpopo Ramen in Auckland, nominated Naomi Nakama – Ark coffee director, artist and designer – as our next subject.
He said, “She is a passionate artist, and also a passionate cafe owner. I like her hospitality style, she treats the customers with grace, all people have a peaceful and relaxing time.” Full article “Naomi Nakama – Ark coffee”

Biddy Fraser-Davies, my favourite ‘late developing geriatric peasant’.

By Calum Hodgson, cheesemonger at Sabato, otherwise known as ‘The Curd Nerd’

At the beginning of September 2016, Biddy made the decision that she would no longer make heat treated cheese. Her advancing years and clapped out shoulders meant lifting heavy pans of milk into bigger pans of boiling water and then out again into iced water to cool it down before she could begin cheesemaking was a chore she could do without. Full article “Biddy Fraser-Davies, my favourite ‘late developing geriatric peasant’.”

Christchurch Eats – Mumbaiwala

By Angela Clifford.

Hereford Street in Christchurch seems a long way from the boisterous streets of Mumbai, India, renowned for it’s street food culture, lines of people gathering at busy roadside stalls to fuel themselves with delicious bite sized snacks on the go. But the interior of Mumbaiwala – Indian Street Kitchen, makes a good attempt at recreating Mumbai’s disheveled exotic-ness.
Full article “Christchurch Eats – Mumbaiwala”

Here’s Barney – Wellington food market guide.

Words by: Martyn Pepperell

If the late 2000s were about the rise of the food blogger, the early 2010s heralded the arrival of the food Instagrammer. It’s been under these conditions that Wellington-based food/culture lover and connector Barney Hodges – the man behind the popular @heresbarney Instagram and snapchat accounts – came into his own. Full article “Here’s Barney – Wellington food market guide.”


“What is food for thought? Why does food for thought make you hungry? And hungrier, the more you eat? How is an idea translated into food? Are ideas something you can taste? I had endless questions about food, about cooking, about the science of cooking, about restaurants, about chefs. I had time to go in search of the answers. That’s where I’ve been. Here’s what I brought back from my journey…” Full article “Questlove”

Petra Shawarma

by Leisha Jones

Photography: Aaron McLean

Maryam Omar and her sister Dalal Omar take great pride in showing off the flavours of Jordan to Kingsland locals. At the family-run Petra Shawarma, questions about the menu are answered in great detail – how the dish would be eaten back home, how it has been slightly altered to meet our needs, how it should be eaten, and what it should be eaten with. Full article “Petra Shawarma”

Camper Coffee

We asked our previous hospitality profile subject @Honebegood to nominate our next subject, and he sent us to theologian-turned-coffee-guru Lee Woo Hyung of @camper_coffee. Johnny suggested Lee “simply because I really like what he’s done with the place and he seems like a really nice guy. He’s a stylish dude who is quite obviously extremely passionate about the coffee!” Lee was the winner of this year’s New Zealand AeroPress awards and will rep us in Dublin this June. Go check out his Newmarket hole in the wall. Full article “Camper Coffee”

Mumbai Chaat

One of the great joys of travelling in countries with a strong food culture is the ability to find a cheap snack at any time via the street side vendors and stalls. For a local version, vegetarian diner Mumbai Chaat in Sandringham (1A Kitchener Rd, there is another branch in Blockhouse Bay Auckland only) may be as close as you can get. Full article “Mumbai Chaat”