by Jane Wallace

I have been thinking a lot lately about my physical encounter with recipes. Can words and pictures adequately express something that is otherwise so sensorial and emotive? Can a perfectly composed photograph of a dish in a glossy hardback generate the same excitement as one found on the smudged cover of a book that has been passed down through generations? Full article “A RETURN TO COMMUNITY COOKBOOKS”

Catch 22

By Thomas Hishon

I first left New Zealand in my early twenties to explore a world with an endless culinary horizon. One of the things that I would continue to seek out in my travels to different towns and cities over many countries and continents would be my growing interest in local fish markets. It was the commonalities of variety, cultural diversity, small scale fishing vessels and just general vitality and freshness that drew me in. Something that I had yet to experience back home. Full article “Catch 22”

Batter up – Fiona Smith shares her love for okonomiyaki, the Japanese pancake.

For my money, the street and casual food of Japan is where you find some of the best flavours. Takoyaki, octopus dumplings, are everywhere – too tempting when I’m trying not to eat octopus – as are yakimochi (grilled rice paste cakes) being grilled over charcoal. Full article “Batter up – Fiona Smith shares her love for okonomiyaki, the Japanese pancake.”