Batter up – Fiona Smith shares her love for okonomiyaki, the Japanese pancake.

For my money, the street and casual food of Japan is where you find some of the best flavours. Takoyaki, octopus dumplings, are everywhere – too tempting when I’m trying not to eat octopus – as are yakimochi (grilled rice paste cakes) being grilled over charcoal. Full article “Batter up – Fiona Smith shares her love for okonomiyaki, the Japanese pancake.”


by Mark McAllister

Mole de olla translates to “pot of mole”. It is eaten all over Mexico, the recipe and style varying from region to region and from cook to cook. Like all the best classic dishes, I reckon it was born out of necessity and whatever ingredients were to hand back in the day. It is a thin mole and is easy to make compared with a thick mole poblano, with its chocolate and long list of ingredients. I thought it qualified as a mole because of the addition of chilies but a bit of research tells me that the word “mole” comes from the Nahuatl (Aztec language) word “molli” meaning sauce, stew or concoction. Full article “MOLE DE OLLA”

Preserving the proceeds of summer

by  @thenextmeal – Will Bowman and Jane Lyons

We’ve always had a tangy-tongued approach to food, constantly craving the power of sour that pickles and ferments can bring. It’s only recently on our own bacteria-driven journey that we’ve developed a new appreciation for what can be done with some salt, water, vinegar and a bunch of beautiful produce. Full article “Preserving the proceeds of summer”

Rohan Anderson – Life of an ethical omnivore

by  Marty Jones

Over the past eight years, Rohan Anderson has been on a food journey that he’s documented on his website Whole Larder Love. Hailing from Victoria, Australia, Rohan has shared his stories, often in brutally honest fashion, and been a true champion of real food; food that has been grown, raised and hunted on the land. Full article “Rohan Anderson – Life of an ethical omnivore”

Winner Winner Kina Dinner

by Leisha Jones

My first taste of kina was as a doe-eyed Daddy’s girl, fishing off the rocks with my father. I looked up at him as if he were Jacques Cousteau, as he pulled his diving knife out of its holster and picked up a kina off the rocks. He crudely ripped the top off, gave it a quick dunk in the ocean and urged my sister and I to try it. It was too much for my little body to handle, and what resulted was a symphony of tears, retching and wailing as I clawed at my tongue and tried to rinse the sour taste out of my mouth with seawater. Cheers, Dad… Full article “Winner Winner Kina Dinner”

Olive Harvest

photography: Aaron McLean

For a young New Zealand girl, growing up on a quarter-acre section in central Auckland, growing and pressing your own olive oil seemed the reserve of the elite, with acres of rolling hills in the country. My Italian neighbours would tell of their yearly olive harvest and I imagined their estate in southern Italy, complete with majestic villa and the aforementioned hills. Many years later, while backpacking through Europe, I visited my old neighbours in their small seaside village of Scauri. No majestic villa. No rolling hills. Big disappointment. Full article “Olive Harvest”

Eat Your Weeds

by Laura Verner

Illustrations: Erin Ellis

Many useful and nutritious plants growing around us are treated as botanical outcasts. Weeds are characteristically fast-growing, and usually in areas people don’t want them. But their abundance and resilience means we are growing free food without even trying. Thinking of weeds differently opens up a new world of plants that are edible and/or medicinal. Full article “Eat Your Weeds”

Don’t throw it away

We keep being told there is a lot of food wastage in the Western world. I don’t know about you, but I am guilty as charged. I have too many veges that don’t get eaten and I tip half-eaten tins/jars of things that have spent too long in the fridge down the sink. On the bright side, I basically ignore best before dates, relying instead on my own sense of smell, taste and good sense. Here are a few other things you can do at home to reduce food waste. Full article “Don’t throw it away”