Bring the kai back

Words & Images by Aaron McLean

Lionel Hotene (Ngāti Awa) emits a deep sadness when he speaks about the food options in his hood, a combination of confusion and anger. Fast food giants selling cheap hollow food on every corner, lamb flaps more affordable than kūmara, and a community who quite simply can’t afford to put real nutritious food on their tables. He’s quick to make the connection with the overflowing diabetes ward just down the road at Middlemore Hospital, and with depression and crime rates. “Our people get so down” he despairs, “there’s prejudice against us and we’re belittled. People think we’re no good; we’re lazy, we’re all on the benefit, we’re all in prison, we’re all fat. I’m over that.” Accompanying Lionel’s frustration is an infectious laugh, a spark in his eye and a readiness to “mahi up” and turn it all on its head. “We’re the total opposite of what you think we are,” he proudly states, and he’s proving it. Full article “Bring the kai back”

New Horizons

Words & Photography by Aaron McLean

There’s a lot of romance in being a pirate. Captaining a boat, risking your life with adventures on the high seas, long rum-soaked nights telling tall tales, challenging the powers that be… Nate Smith is a self proclaimed pirate — not here to conquer or steal, but through his enterprise, Gravity Fishing, he seeks to be part of the vanguard, modelling a path to artisanal, transparent and sustainable commercial fishing. Full article “New Horizons”

Organics: Radical? Or just good business?

by Nick Loosley

Ben Bostock is curious and infectiously energetic, he can’t sit still and paces as he talks on his phone which rings constantly. He is humble and totally transparent when explaining his work. This is refreshing in an industry that is notorious for keeping secrets, farm gates firmly closed to the media. His knack for keeping things simple and focusing on the crucial elements of his operation have seen Bostock’s Organic Free Range Chicken expand quickly. Ben makes a great farmer. Full article “Organics: Radical? Or just good business?”

Askew One

“..the penny dropped for me that food is seen as this really benign and irrelevant thing, but it’s actually everything. And it pertains to every aspect of life on this planet. The environment, politics, trade and economics, health and wellbeing, preservation of culture; food is pretty much the single most important issue.” Full article “Askew One”