PERFECT PAIRING – an homage to the career waiters of New Orleans

Words and images by: Jacqui Gibson

In the fine dining Creole restaurants of New Orleans, great waiters are revered as much as the great food. Jacqui Gibson meets waiter Troy Becker who recently traded restaurant management for waiting tables at Commander’s Palace – and hasn’t looked back. Full article “PERFECT PAIRING – an homage to the career waiters of New Orleans”

Samoa Umu

I love visiting the islands and I especially love visiting Samoa – beaming smiles, ‘island time’, beautiful palm-fringed tropical beaches, impromptu laughter-filled rugby games to watch from a sandy perch, rum in hand, book cast aside. Being skinny(ish) and white, I’ve never been game to pretend to be capable of joining in. Full article “Samoa Umu”

Tokyo – Train Station Food.

Tokyo is a superlative city by many measures – most populous urban area in the world, biggest metropolitan economy of all the world’s cities, home to the world’s busiest train station – but anyone who’s been to Tokyo knows there are two things the city does particularly well: food, and public transportation, and food in public transportation. Full article “Tokyo – Train Station Food.”


by Mark McAllister

Mole de olla translates to “pot of mole”. It is eaten all over Mexico, the recipe and style varying from region to region and from cook to cook. Like all the best classic dishes, I reckon it was born out of necessity and whatever ingredients were to hand back in the day. It is a thin mole and is easy to make compared with a thick mole poblano, with its chocolate and long list of ingredients. I thought it qualified as a mole because of the addition of chilies but a bit of research tells me that the word “mole” comes from the Nahuatl (Aztec language) word “molli” meaning sauce, stew or concoction. Full article “MOLE DE OLLA”

Here’s Barney Hits LA

Words by: Martyn Pepperell & Barney Hodges

In our last issue we met Wellington-based food/culture lover and connector Barney Hodges — aka @heresbarney — as he showed us around Wellington’s food markets. Of late, Barney has been handling social media duties at Cuba Street’s popular Emporium Vintage secondhand clothing store. Emporium specialise in vintage US streetwear from the 90s and early 2000s. Earlier this year, he headed to Los Angeles for the first time on a buying trip for the shop. Here he shares his reflections on some of the experiences he had and food he sampled during that stint in and around the City of Angels. Full article “Here’s Barney Hits LA”