Cultivate Christchurch

by Brie Sherow
Photos Jade Cavalcante

I first met Fiona Stewart when she and her business partner Bailey Perryman approached me with their idea for an inner-city farm situated on a lot left vacant by earthquake demolition. The organisation that I was working for at the time, Life in Vacant Spaces (LIVS), manages private property on a rolling monthly basis while the landowners work through their future plans. Full article “Cultivate Christchurch”

Eat Your Weeds

by Laura Verner

Illustrations: Erin Ellis

Many useful and nutritious plants growing around us are treated as botanical outcasts. Weeds are characteristically fast-growing, and usually in areas people don’t want them. But their abundance and resilience means we are growing free food without even trying. Thinking of weeds differently opens up a new world of plants that are edible and/or medicinal. Full article “Eat Your Weeds”