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ConversatioNZ – Values

ConversatioNZ – Values

Author — Stone Soup

Last November, fledgling New Zealand food movement ConversatioNZ held it’s second symposium at Taste of Auckland, with an inspiring array of speakers and panels to discuss the future of New Zealand food, entitled ‘Why Kai; What is unique about New Zealand food, and what is our place in the world?’

Stone Soup and Play Studio teamed up and built a booth to the side of stage where we offered the mic to the audience, turning the day into a real conversation. It turned out that what the participants had to say very closely reflected the manifesto and so the values of the movement.

We welcome the dialogue emerging out of ConversatioNZ, instigated by Chilean chef Giulio Sturla of Roots Restaurant in Lyttelton, it is holding a mirror up to our food system, and we suggest you keep up with their movements on social media. Read it’s manifesto below.

To express New Zealand’s history of gastronomy and the culturally diverse community – CULTURE

To enhance the KNOWLEDGE and bring together the entire community of people from all levels of the food industr

To highlight the quality and vast array of edible resources available in New Zealand – BIODIVERSITY

To combine gastronomic endeavours with the importance of human health and the natural environment – BALANCE

To promote animal welfare and a sound production processes in our land, fresh water, sea and wilderness – RESPECT

To encourage research, education and innovative thinking – INNOVATION

To increase consumer awareness by promoting local, seasonal and high quality produce – AWARENESS

To build a culture of quality and sense of fellowship in the food industry – FELLOWSHIP

To empower the younger generation to build a more sustainable future – FUTURE

To advocate nationally and internationally New Zealand’s unique and biodiverse food resources and food tourism – PRIDE

To encourage people to address global issues and be part of the global food movement – INTERCONNECTION