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Author — Stone Soup

Tony, real name John? Travel agent with a side curry hustle? Or cult leader versed in the masala arts?

Max and I have debated the origins of Tony over many a curry and to be honest we believe all of the above to be true, but the fact is we have no fucking idea. A lot of mystery surrounds Tony’s, however one thing that is not a mystery is how great the food is.

Set in a back soi in little india, Tony’s is an open air restaurant featuring decor from the 80’s with a lovely mint green wall paper. Between infomercials of Indian body builders selling protein shakes and one of the more interesting toilets Bangkok has to offers, Tony’s really has a lot of character.

So if you are the kind of person who eats their pizza with a knife and fork (slap yourself) or only dines in places with hygiene ratings higher than C- then you’re in the wrong place and also on the wrong continent as well.

I’m not a food critic but I do know when food is not shit and I like to think that I know when it’s great. Minus all the stupid and unnecessary adjectives, here are a few tips if you happen to find yourself at this fine fine establishment.

Firstly, skip the rice, simply because you need that space in your stomach for more important things, such as the palak paneer and especially the chicken curry. If you do need carbs though then hit the Puri and get your dip on, just be sure to order the half frozen yogurt they have going on. You MUST, try one of the Aloo dishes, we usually go for the masala. Straight up, it will have you making horse noises even after your mums already hit you around the head for making stupid horse noises. 

Side suggestion: if you’re going to drink beer, drink Leo, or Beer Lao, I know everybody knows about Chang but that shit is pretty much Thailand’s version of Tui. Though this is the opinion of somebody who still hasn’t figured out why people buy craft beer. It’s overpriced and mostly yuck. But hey, each to their own.

Tony’s is the kind of spot I do not recommend to people because, really, do I want to share this back alley slice of heaven with sweaty tourists too stingy to part with a twelve baht tip for an already criminally cheap meal? No, No I don’t. If you really want to try Tony’s, find the editor of this mag, get my email and I’ll take you there myself (I’m not joking). Just remember that ya dong shots are on you after.


Aloo masala

Chicken curry 

Leo beer 

Half frozen yogurt thing 

Elasticated shorts 

Sweat rag.