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Our Mission

Stone Soup Syndicate are an evolving congregation of creatives who have founded a fresh take on food publishing: a free, independent street press and digital platform with a counter-cultural spirit; fostering a space for a boisterous yet convivial discussion about food and its place in all of our lives.

We believe you can have many conversations through the lens of food. We’re cooking it, preserving it, demystifying the most interesting places to eat it, curating music for you to listen to while you make it, and chatting to the people who smile at you across the counter as they serve it.

We want to show you how to forage or grow some of what you eat and look at the environmental, societal and ethical aspects of food.

Meet makers and find out what motivates them to fire ceramics, forge knives and ferment cabbage. Get to know immigrant communities and talk about their contribution to our diverse food culture. And hear from our most innovative chefs and farmers about their passion for real ingredients.

Supporting the soup

Food is something family, friends and communities have always congregated around, and we’re very grateful so many of you have congregated around us.

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We want to be a platform with integrity that you can trust. When we communicate on behalf of our funders, we want that to mean on behalf of you: our readers and patrons.

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We encourage people to support us with ongoing patronage of our whole platform, but one off donations will also be gratefully received, even if you can only spare a couple of dollars, every bit helps to keep our project alive.

Our Story

Stone Soup is an age-old parable in which hungry itinerant strangers arrive in a town with nothing but an empty pot. The villagers refuse their appeal for a few scraps of food, so they melt snow to fill their pot with water, drop in a stone and bring it to the boil over a fire in the town square. The curious villagers ask the strangers what they’re making. “Stone Soup” they explain, “it’ s delicious as you’ll see, but would taste even better if you could spare a sprig of parsley!”. So, somebody contributes a sprig of parsley, then another fetches some vegetable scraps from home, somebody throws in a spare onion, someone else a bone. The pot continues to simmer as one villager after another throw in a scrap of this or that until they have a delicious, abundant and nourishing soup. Both the villagers and the strangers sit down to feast together.

This parable is Stone Soup Syndicate’s namesake and mission statement. We’ve dropped a stone into a pot to draw friends and strangers alike to contribute to and be nourished by our broth.

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If you would like a stack of copies for your business, and you’re outside of our distribution reach, please contact us and we’d be happy to post any quantity to you for the cost of postage.