Organics: Radical? Or just good business?

by Nick Loosley

Ben Bostock is curious and infectiously energetic, he can’t sit still and paces as he talks on his phone which rings constantly. He is humble and totally transparent when explaining his work. This is refreshing in an industry that is notorious for keeping secrets, farm gates firmly closed to the media. His knack for keeping things simple and focusing on the crucial elements of his operation have seen Bostock’s Organic Free Range Chicken expand quickly. Ben makes a great farmer. Full article “Organics: Radical? Or just good business?”

Naomi Nakama – Ark coffee

Our previous hospitality profile, Yuki from Tanpopo Ramen in Auckland, nominated Naomi Nakama – Ark coffee director, artist and designer – as our next subject.
He said, “She is a passionate artist, and also a passionate cafe owner. I like her hospitality style, she treats the customers with grace, all people have a peaceful and relaxing time.” Full article “Naomi Nakama – Ark coffee”

Volume 4 – Editorial

Our fourth Volume of Stone Soup sees an evolution. In pursuit of living up to our original intent – to be a truly independent street-level voice looking at our world through the lens of food – we’ve launched a crowdfunding campaign through Wellington startup Press Patron. Our aim is to become a platform that is financially sustained by our reader community. Full article “Volume 4 – Editorial”

Here’s Barney Hits LA

Words by: Martyn Pepperell & Barney Hodges

In our last issue we met Wellington-based food/culture lover and connector Barney Hodges — aka @heresbarney — as he showed us around Wellington’s food markets. Of late, Barney has been handling social media duties at Cuba Street’s popular Emporium Vintage secondhand clothing store. Emporium specialise in vintage US streetwear from the 90s and early 2000s. Earlier this year, he headed to Los Angeles for the first time on a buying trip for the shop. Here he shares his reflections on some of the experiences he had and food he sampled during that stint in and around the City of Angels. Full article “Here’s Barney Hits LA”

Biddy Fraser-Davies, my favourite ‘late developing geriatric peasant’.

By Calum Hodgson, cheesemonger at Sabato, otherwise known as ‘The Curd Nerd’

At the beginning of September 2016, Biddy made the decision that she would no longer make heat treated cheese. Her advancing years and clapped out shoulders meant lifting heavy pans of milk into bigger pans of boiling water and then out again into iced water to cool it down before she could begin cheesemaking was a chore she could do without. Full article “Biddy Fraser-Davies, my favourite ‘late developing geriatric peasant’.”

An impression of the Fijian sugar cane field worker.

Shortly after shooting for this project, Cyclone Winston – the worst in Fijian recorded history – devastated the region, deepening the struggle in an industry already pushed to its very limits of viability.

Thousands of Fijians still remain without homes, surviving in makeshift shacks and tents.

Contribute here:

Directors: Steven Boniface & Blake Dunlop
Producer: Steven Boniface
Editor: Blake Dunlop
Colourists: Images & Sound

Special thanks to Ranu, kava, and the people of Fiji.

Preserving the proceeds of summer

by  @thenextmeal – Will Bowman and Jane Lyons

We’ve always had a tangy-tongued approach to food, constantly craving the power of sour that pickles and ferments can bring. It’s only recently on our own bacteria-driven journey that we’ve developed a new appreciation for what can be done with some salt, water, vinegar and a bunch of beautiful produce. Full article “Preserving the proceeds of summer”

Christchurch Eats – Mumbaiwala

By Angela Clifford.

Hereford Street in Christchurch seems a long way from the boisterous streets of Mumbai, India, renowned for it’s street food culture, lines of people gathering at busy roadside stalls to fuel themselves with delicious bite sized snacks on the go. But the interior of Mumbaiwala – Indian Street Kitchen, makes a good attempt at recreating Mumbai’s disheveled exotic-ness.
Full article “Christchurch Eats – Mumbaiwala”

Rohan Anderson – Life of an ethical omnivore

by  Marty Jones

Over the past eight years, Rohan Anderson has been on a food journey that he’s documented on his website Whole Larder Love. Hailing from Victoria, Australia, Rohan has shared his stories, often in brutally honest fashion, and been a true champion of real food; food that has been grown, raised and hunted on the land. Full article “Rohan Anderson – Life of an ethical omnivore”