• The Next Meal

    The Next Meal: Will Bowman and Jane Lyons are two Gisborne-based hungry humans always thinking and cooking and photographing and writing about the next meal – despite having just eaten. Instagram – @thenexmeal, @jane_lyons_, @will_bowman_

  • Articles by The Next Meal:

    • Head, hearts and hands

      Will Bowman chats with James Millton James and Annie Millton are biodynamic wine growers in Gisborne. Since the early 1980s they’ve been following their hearts, heads and hands, farming in a way that intrinsically respects the land they nurture.

    • What does it all meat?

      By Jane Lyons Decoding the language around our meat labelling

    • Tomato & Chilli Ferment

      By The Next Meal This fermented tomato and chilli recipe was inspired by tomatoes going bad at home as well as already-gone-bad tomatoes at markets – you can pick up kilograms of them from markets like Avondale or Otara in Auckland for pocket change.

    • Preserving the proceeds of summer

      We’ve always had a tangy-tongued approach to food, constantly craving the power of sour that pickles and ferments can bring. It’s only recently on our own bacteria-driven journey that we’ve developed a new appreciation for what can be done with some salt, water, vinegar and a bunch of beautiful produce.