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    • Back to my Roots

      Back to my Roots. Stone Soup films and Roots restaurant in Lyttelton made this documentary of the collaboration between Giulio and his Roots family and Andoni Luis Aduriz and his team from Mugaritz in San Sebastian in Spain, to celebrate Roots 5th anniversary. We’ve launched the film on the 20th anniversary of Mugaritz.

    • Hiakai > Monique Fiso

      Monique Fiso’s Hiakai project is currently taking on the world. We are very proud to have been there to document the beginning, to give people a glimpse into  Monique’s graft and determination and to give her the space to tell her story.

    • Rain & Shine

      Rain & Shine is a celebration of modern soul, disco, jazz and gospel records that are previously unreleased or have never been reissued.

    • Not just a load of crap

      By Sarah Smuts-Kennedy I have to confess I am already a fully signed-up cow-shit lover.

 – A celebration of Dead Wood

      by Anna Dadson Beneath the zigzag matrix of divaricating shrubs a layer of leaf litter reveals a microcosm of life in the first light of dawn. I can only just hear them rustle in the undergrowth

    • Pomegranate Tequila Sunset

      by Mark McAllister Tequila, it gets a bad wrap a lot of the time. I reckon for the same reason that people turn their nose up at foods they dislike, they’ve just had a bad experience with it.

    • Xuan’s Place

      By Kate Underwood – Relish the Memory I could go on all day about the rich, fragrant and laborious beef pho that awaits you at Try It Out, an Auckland restaurant serving up one of the best and most mispronounced noodle soups in the city. I could divulge the secret to their signature made-from-scratch broth,

    • Kevin Morris of Dante’s Pizzeria

      This issue we talk to Kevin Morris of Dante’s Pizzeria as we continue our journey through the hospitality world via nomination by our previous subject. Naomi Nakama of Takapuna’s ARK Coffee

    • The real food poisoning: Plastic in our food system

      By Anna Mathieson You’d have to be hiding under a rock if you hadn’t heard the freaky statistics about plastic pollution in the environment. Microbeads and microfibres in our waterways, plastic waste leaching toxic chemicals into our soil, more plastic by weight than fish in the sea by 2050

    • Saplings Records

      By Martyn Pepperell Over the last five years, Olly Perryman, the Christchurch-raised electronic music producer better known as Fis, has marked himself out on the world stage as one of New Zealand’s most adventurous, open-eared and celebrated experimental music makers.

    • Temptations of the flesh

      Photography: Charlie McKay Styling: Jess Murphy Models: Ophelia King & Nina Lloyd

    • Revisiting first loves. A Los Angeles food story.

      By: Melissa Flores I was born and raised in Los Angeles as a first generation Mexican-American, which meant that tortillas came with nearly every meal, beans (the perfect food according to my dad) were a staple and tamales were inevitable at every Thanksgiving and Christmas.

    • Common Ground

      By Jo Bates Over the simple act of growing and preparing food, a Lebanese social entrepreneur is bringing peace and prosperity to people whose lives have been impacted by war.

    • Natts Amore

      Brendan Manning channelled his inner-Julia Roberts in June to realise a long-held goal of seeing what all the bloody fuss was about with Italy.

    • Tomato & Chilli Ferment

      By The Next Meal This fermented tomato and chilli recipe was inspired by tomatoes going bad at home as well as already-gone-bad tomatoes at markets – you can pick up kilograms of them from markets like Avondale or Otara in Auckland for pocket change.

    • Kaitiakitanga

      “Providing for today as well as tomorrow” By Rōpata Taylor (Ngāti Rārua, Te Ātiawa, Ngāti Tama, Ngāti Koata)

    • Milk and Meat – a love letter.

      by L’Angelique Willard. Religion, it’s a funny thing. I grew up in a family that didn’t give two hoots about God, or maybe we just didn’t know two hoots about him…or her. Look at that, already stirring the religious pot.

    • Ladies who lush

      A still life collaboration between Ophelia King, Erin Luker & Nina Lloyd

    • Stone Soup Volume 5

      All you need is Love

    • Nanam

      Charles Buenconsejo liked interviewing, writing about and photographing the crew at Nanam so much for Stone Soup Volume 4 so much, he decided to turn his interview into a video as a gift to celebrate their new abode.

    • Eat New Zealand, Now we’re talking!

      New Zealand food movement Eat New Zealand held their annual symposium in Wellington on 27th August 2017 in conjunction with Wellington On A Plate. Stone Soup Films set up a video booth to capture the thoughts of those in the audience and on the podium. The conversation continues….

    • Make every bite count

      The connection between bees and food by Gabrielle Message* Every piece of food we eat can either embody gratitude towards bees for their efforts, or it can add another metaphorical weight to their backs, according to how it was produced. Decidedly the best way to give thanks to bees is by sourcing or growing food […]

    • A story about doing the best with what you’ve got

      by Gina Williams One of my favourite quotes is from the mouth of the assiduous and generally awe-inspiring Dr Jane Goodall, “The greatest danger to our future is apathy”. My family have been farming on the foothills of a mountain called Maungatautari, in the Waikato for over a century. Today, the land is a medium-sized […]

    • The Food Farm

      words & photography by Kate Crockett When I first stepped foot in Nick and Angela’s kitchen, I felt as though I had stepped into a still life Cézanne painting, only there was nothing contrived about the scene. Everything atop the counter – from the empty jars and the elegant wine bottles, to the food scattered […]