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    • Nanam

      Charles Buenconsejo liked interviewing, writing about and photographing the crew at Nanam so much for Stone Soup Volume 4 so much, he decided to turn his interview into a video as a gift to celebrate their new abode.

    • If it’s not broken we don’t change it.

      by Lynn Jenner They say if you can remember the 70’s you weren’t there, but that isn’t entirely true. I have proof. Ever since I left Dunedin in 1983 I’ve kept great taste and texture memories of the whole-wheat salad, coleslaw and cottage cheese at Pot Pourri Vegetarian Café in lower Stewart Street.

    • Eat New Zealand, Now we’re talking!

      New Zealand food movement Eat New Zealand held their annual symposium in Wellington on 27th August 2017 in conjunction with Wellington On A Plate. Stone Soup Films set up a video booth to capture the thoughts of those in the audience and on the podium. The conversation continues….

    • Make every bite count

      The connection between bees and food by Gabrielle Message* Every piece of food we eat can either embody gratitude towards bees for their efforts, or it can add another metaphorical weight to their backs, according to how it was produced. Decidedly the best way to give thanks to bees is by sourcing or growing food […]

    • Soju Seoul

      by Kate Richards Photography: Guillaume Luke Zachary and Hyun Gyu Yoo. It’s hot. I sweat weaving in and out of Myeong-dong’s ubiquitous street food vendors, searching for anything ‘authentic’ amidst curly deep-fried potatoes on sticks, scallops with cheese, hotdogs, and lukewarm pomegranate juice.

    • A story about doing the best with what you’ve got

      by Gina Williams One of my favourite quotes is from the mouth of the assiduous and generally awe-inspiring Dr Jane Goodall, “The greatest danger to our future is apathy”. My family have been farming on the foothills of a mountain called Maungatautari, in the Waikato for over a century. Today, the land is a medium-sized […]

    • The Food Farm

      words & photography by Kate Crockett When I first stepped foot in Nick and Angela’s kitchen, I felt as though I had stepped into a still life Cézanne painting, only there was nothing contrived about the scene. Everything atop the counter – from the empty jars and the elegant wine bottles, to the food scattered […]

    • Cultivate Christchurch

      by Brie Sherow Photos Jade Cavalcante I first met Fiona Stewart when she and her business partner Bailey Perryman approached me with their idea for an inner-city farm situated on a lot left vacant by earthquake demolition. The organisation that I was working for at the time, Life in Vacant Spaces (LIVS), manages private property […]

    • The Gateway Beer

      by Luke White Photography by Fraser Chatham There are two types of people – those who love beer and those who couldn’t care less. In my line of business I am fortunate to know a lot of people who are extremely passionate about beer. They (who am I kidding, obviously I mean ‘we’) often look […]

    • Tokyo – Train Station Food.

      Tokyo is a superlative city by many measures – most populous urban area in the world, biggest metropolitan economy of all the world’s cities, home to the world’s busiest train station – but anyone who’s been to Tokyo knows there are two things the city does particularly well: food, and public transportation, and food in […]

    • Raj Patel – Letter to a Young Farmer

      So, dear Sir, I can’t give you any advice but this: to go into yourself and see how deep the place is from which your life flows; at its source you will find the answer to the question whether you must create. —Rainer Maria Rilke, Letters to a Young Poet

    • Clay seed balls – à la seed truffles

      by Levi Brinsdon-Hall Food for Soil, Bugs, Plants, Humans. The clay seed ball has been used for thousands of years as an effective tool and technique for the growing of agricultural crops and re-greening large areas of land. In recent times, they have been popularised through the Guerrilla Gardening movement.

    • Defamiliarising the Familiar

      Words & Photography – Charles Buenconsejo For an immigrant, settling down in unfamiliar territory has never been easy, you have to deal with discomfort to become comfortable. As the German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche famously said, “one must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star”.

    • Baja Mexico

      Words Greta van der Star Images by Timothy Flower and Greta van der Star Hurtling through dark streets surrounding seemingly empty neighbourhoods in Tijuana, bursts of bright light revealed bustling taco stands. Like a fever dream, so vivid and unexpected. It was nearing midnight and we wandered to find a late-night snack.


      by Mark McAllister Mole de olla translates to “pot of mole”. It is eaten all over Mexico, the recipe and style varying from region to region and from cook to cook. Like all the best classic dishes, I reckon it was born out of necessity and whatever ingredients were to hand back in the day. […]

    • The Next Meal – ricotta gnocchi with cured egg yolks

      Gnocchi is a blank, cushiony canvas for you to paint with whatever flavours and textures your palate pleases. Although in fairness, this gnocchi here isn’t entirely blank.

    • Object

      By Lydia Veltman A dyed-in-the-wool maker and an artsy type by trade, Jess Hemmings has a magpie’s eye for lost things. “It’s so ridiculous,” she says, “but I always come home from places with all this stuff in my pockets.”

    • Get on the train Auckland

      By Nick Loosley Had enough of traffic? Sick of Ponsonby? Feel terrible about using Uber? Want to have more than two drinks with your dinner?

    • Cocktail Party

      Sick of our current reality? Might be time to throw a 70’s inspired cocktail party, spend an evening in a ‘Boomer’s’ shoes.

    • Organics: Radical? Or just good business?

      by Nick Loosley Ben Bostock is curious and infectiously energetic, he can’t sit still and paces as he talks on his phone which rings constantly. He is humble and totally transparent when explaining his work. This is refreshing in an industry that is notorious for keeping secrets, farm gates firmly closed to the media. His […]

    • Volume 4 – Editorial

      Our fourth Volume of Stone Soup sees an evolution. In pursuit of living up to our original intent – to be a truly independent street-level voice looking at our world through the lens of food – we’ve launched a crowdfunding campaign through Wellington startup Press Patron. Our aim is to become a platform that is […]

    • Here’s Barney Hits LA

      Words by: Martyn Pepperell & Barney Hodges In our last issue we met Wellington-based food/culture lover and connector Barney Hodges — aka @heresbarney — as he showed us around Wellington’s food markets. Of late, Barney has been handling social media duties at Cuba Street’s popular Emporium Vintage secondhand clothing store. Emporium specialise in vintage US […]

    • for the love of bees – biking bee

      Last weekend ‘for the love of bees’, a city bee collaboration / social sculpture in Auckland put into action their mission to turn Auckland into “a biologically robust ecosystem” and the safest city in the world for bees.


      BREAKBREAD @ MY FRIEND’S HOUSE Stone Soup collaborated with Breakbread to produce this video of their event with Gemmayze St where owner Samir Allen writes a letter to his restaurant to present to his guests before he and his staff sit to share a feast with them. www.breakbread.co.nz Shot, directed and edited by; Marcus Ringrose […]