• Articles by Stone Soup:

    • The Realness

      Damaris Coulter of Coco’s Cantina speaks to Stone Soup about her new platform for independent eateries The Realness, about what it takes to be a good diner and about her experiences at the 2018 MAD Symposium in Copenhagen.

    • Eat NZ Hui 2018 – Stone Soup booth

      Each year Stone Soup sets up a video booth at the Eat NZ Hui. To keep the conversation rolling by giving a voice to the audience, and to take the pulse of NZ food that year.

    • At the Table with Tom Hishon: A conversation about waste

      Douglas McMaster sets the zero waste standard at his Brighton restaurant Silo.

    • Chasing tales

      For Wellington chef Kelda Hains, storytelling is the key to a truly memorable dining experience

    • Monica Galetti – MERE

      By Anna Sulan Masing The first impression of MERE restaurant is one of precision. It is a space that precipitates the idea of a journey; each moment, area, movement through the restaurant is carefully thought through.

    • 5 minute noodles

      Use your noodle. Fiona Smith & Ginny Grant share a couple of instant noodle alternatives that are almost as quick and way more tasty.

    • Root to Petal.

      A collaborative story about Root-to-Petal week by Will Bowman, Ruby White & Jane Lyons.

    • High stacks, forks in space and giotto’s fig stack

      these images are based on two ideas artisans create value through years of trial through time and effort where is the line between a meal and a work of art

    • PERFECT PAIRING – an homage to the career waiters of New Orleans

      Words and images by: Jacqui Gibson In the fine dining Creole restaurants of New Orleans, great waiters are revered as much as the great food. Jacqui Gibson meets waiter Troy Becker who recently traded restaurant management for waiting tables at Commander’s Palace – and hasn’t looked back.

    • Good things grow

      What could be better as a chef than to have a direct relationship with the people who grow your produce and an influence over what they grow? Or as a grower committed to producing high-quality produce to have an assured market, which is passionate about what you do and how you do it? A sustainable […]


      Alesha Bilbrough-Collins of Christchurch’s BearLion Foods lays down a challenge to her fellow restaurateurs. I really have no idea where to start. Someone once told me when you’re trying to train staff, start with the negatives then end on the positives, so they take away something good and hopefully things will improve.

    • Brews before bros

      Alice Neville is a female human who likes to drink beer, and she’s just about had it up to here with your sexist shit. ‘Smash the beer patriarchy’ is a phrase I trot out good-naturedly whenever I encounter an example of everyday beer sexism — the likes of being immediately directed to the wine list […]

    • Slam, bam, no thank you Ma’am

      When your dumpling lands with a thud on your table William Chen finds out why service doesn’t always come with a smile at Asian eateries.

    • Immigration

      Finding good staff is no mean feat for restaurants in New Zealand. With much of our hospitality talent seeking experience abroad, we have a vacuum of local talent, which is eagerly filled by visitors from abroad.

    • Where Restaurants Eat

      We like crowdsourcing information as well as funding at Stone Soup. And we like celebrating exceptional food as well as hidden gems. So we asked some questions of possibly the best source of information about where to eat, our country’s most celebrated chefs and restaurateurs.

    • Volume 6 – Hospitality

      “Don’t tell me what you ate. Tell me who you ate with.”

    • Bladecrafters: Zander Blades

      Stone Soup Syndicate Presents – Bladecrafters: a series of mini doco’s by brewery.studio which in this second installment introduces us to Zander Blades

    • Radishes

      Our friend Niva Kay from Pakaraka Permaculture has been learning film-making, and naturally turned her talents to the farm.

    • Sick Leave – podcast

      Sick Leave podcast: Honest and open discussions with Chef’s/leaders/owners/operators in the hospitality industry throughout New Zealand about their journeys with mental health, depression, and anxiety.  Hosted by Shaun K Anderson EP1 Mathew Fitzgerald, owner of Madame George bar & restaurant (Auckland) talks about his journey with depression and anxiety, the importance of exercise, and channelling aliens.

    • Bladecrafter: Marten ten Broek

      Stone Soup Syndicate presents the first in a series of short documentaries on New Zealand knife makers by Jacob Brown of brewery.studio

    • Back to my Roots

      Back to my Roots. Stone Soup films and Roots restaurant in Lyttelton made this documentary of the collaboration between Giulio and his Roots family and Andoni Luis Aduriz and his team from Mugaritz in San Sebastian in Spain, to celebrate Roots 5th anniversary. We’ve launched the film on the 20th anniversary of Mugaritz.

    • Hiakai > Monique Fiso

      Monique Fiso’s Hiakai project is currently taking on the world. We are very proud to have been there to document the beginning, to give people a glimpse into  Monique’s graft and determination and to give her the space to tell her story.

    • Rain & Shine

      Rain & Shine is a celebration of modern soul, disco, jazz and gospel records that are previously unreleased or have never been reissued.

    • Not just a load of crap

      By Sarah Smuts-Kennedy I have to confess I am already a fully signed-up cow-shit lover.