• Ruby White


    Ruby White is a contemporary artist using food and ceramics to explore ideas around culture, art, and society. Also known as Miss Changy, you can find her on instagram and facebook @misschangy

  • Articles by Ruby White:

    • Chinoiserie Eggs

      Eggs are Nutrient Eggs are Fertility Eggs are Cosmopolitan Eggs are Existential.

    • Onde onde

      This began as a recipe for onde onde, but ended up as more of a fusion child between onde onde and tang yuan, two of my favourite Asian desserts. Typical.


      a short story by Ruby White We were welcomed with overwhelming stillness. The house was perfect; thatched roof, mud walls, aged wind turbines turning lethargically in the garden. We knew we were in the right place when we saw the front door, a triple glazed shoji. With the Japanese sensibility radiating from everything, I felt […]

    • Miss Changy’s Sarawak Laksa

      A brief rant on laziness, loss and The Man.

    • A Noodle Odyssey

      by @misschangy Once upon a time, in the small town of Miri, east Malaysia, there were three grand aunties: Gu Po, the dragon boss; Sum Suk Po, mien sifu; and Ni Suk Po, lao shu fun heiress.