• Mika Reilly


    Formerly of Wellington and before that, Chicago, Mika Reilly now lives in a Tokyo apartment block where even after a year she still can't comfortably navigate her tiny kitchen. (It doesn't matter, there's always a ramen shop nearby.) She once wrote a food blog. Her latest project is an exploration into the multifarious snack food offerings of Japanese convenience stores. Instagram - @mikareilly | Twitter - @mika_okay

  • Articles by Mika Reilly:

    • Ghost Soup

      A tale of fermented fish brine By Mika Reilly

    • Kumamoto

      Saturday 7:10am, Haneda Airport. Outside is a thick vichyssoise grey fog that bleeds seamlessly into the sea. We take off into the soupy air, shadows of freighters and fishing boats hanging in the murk below.

    • Tokyo – Train Station Food.

      Tokyo is a superlative city by many measures – most populous urban area in the world, biggest metropolitan economy of all the world’s cities, home to the world’s busiest train station – but anyone who’s been to Tokyo knows there are two things the city does particularly well: food, and public transportation, and food in […]

    • Yokocho

      PART ONE I. Under the tracks My first encounter with a yokocho was long before I moved here, back when Tokyo was still an unfamiliar gleaming enchanting mess of lights, a tangle of train lines and zebra crossings packed with an implausible number of people.

    • Itadakimasu

      Verb, honorific. “I humbly receive.”