• Martyn Pepperell

    Martyn Pepperell is a freelance music, arts and culture writer, broadcaster and DJ from Wellington. In recent months, his work has been published and presented by Central Pacific Time, Dazed & Confused, NTS, Stone Soup, The Spinoff, and The Wire. This year, he penned the liner notes and assisted with production for the Awesome Tapes From Africa released reissue of 'Our Garden Needs Its Flowers' by Jess Sah Bi & Peter One, and organised New Zealand concerts for Fis & Rob Thorne, Ross From Friends, and Jess Cornelius. In October, he DJed in Tokyo for the first time, went shopping for Korean disco records in a flea market in Seoul, and visited an abandoned fishing village near Hong Kong. Twitter and Instagram @martynpepperell

  • Articles by Martyn Pepperell:

    • Blue Nile

      By Martyn Pepperell “When people come here, we want them to feel like they’re transported to Ethiopia,” explains Iman Mahyup.

    • DJ Katapila

      by Martyn Pepperell With his debut album Trotro, Ghanian producer DJ Katapila (government name: Ishmael Abbey) re-imagined the rhythms of the traditional Ga music of his homeland through a lens coloured by 90s Detroit techno, Chicago acid house and the club music styles of the Ivory Coast and Togo. In the process, he codified twenty […]

    • Songs for summer

      by Martyn Pepperell Depending on where you are in the country, summer either has or is hopefully about to, arrive. Summer in New Zealand means festivals, outdoor fairs, barbeques, trips to the beach and the park, questionable fashion choices; and even more questionable life decisions (ha!).