• Mark McAllister

    Mark McAllister is an Auckland based Chef originally from Ireland. He loves everything food, drink and travel related, plus the craic to be had while mixing them all together. @marko.mac

  • Articles by Mark McAllister:

    • Waste not want not

      By Mark McAllister I think we can all agree that food waste is a massive problem, about which we can all do much more. No matter how small the action I believe it makes a difference, and it encourages those around us to be better too.

    • Pomegranate Tequila Sunset

      by Mark McAllister Tequila, it gets a bad wrap a lot of the time. I reckon for the same reason that people turn their nose up at foods they dislike, they’ve just had a bad experience with it.


      by Mark McAllister Mole de olla translates to “pot of mole”. It is eaten all over Mexico, the recipe and style varying from region to region and from cook to cook. Like all the best classic dishes, I reckon it was born out of necessity and whatever ingredients were to hand back in the day. […]