• Lynn Jenner


    Writes essays and poetry about all sorts of things, like roads and wars and diamonds. For Stone Soup, she writes about food. Turns out she has a lot of opinions about food. Her most recent book Lost and Gone Away is shortlisted in the Non-Fiction section of the Ockham New Zealand Book Awards 2016. Twitter - @lynnjennernz

  • Articles by Lynn Jenner:

    • If it’s not broken we don’t change it.

      by Lynn Jenner They say if you can remember the 70’s you weren’t there, but that isn’t entirely true. I have proof. Ever since I left Dunedin in 1983 I’ve kept great taste and texture memories of the whole-wheat salad, coleslaw and cottage cheese at Pot Pourri Vegetarian Café in lower Stewart Street.

    • Real Apples or Zombie Apples

      Illustration : @lilypariswest In the last few years I’ve given up buying apples from the supermarket because I’ve finally realised they are zombie apples. It’s fairly easy to tell if you have bought a zombie apple.

    • Is sustainability a Garden of Eden fantasy?

      A big squirming knot of factors needs to change before our life as humans on earth is ‘sustainable’.