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    Leisha Jones is the producer of Club Sandwich, a web-series that celebrates local food talent and fine sandwiches. She writes, cooks, eats, takes long naps and would die without pizza and red wine. Instagram - @clubsandwichproject

  • Articles by Club Sandwich:

    • Searching for soul

      Bourbon Street in New Orleans is the kind of place you have to see at least once in your life, but once is probably enough. The long, wide street is lined with bars all trying to out-sell each other with offers of huge beers, free refill drinks, and three-for-one shots.

    • Back of the fridge hangover soup

      Serves 2-4 This is my version of a Korean hangover soup. I find myself making it not only for a hangover, but on those frosty nights when there is seemingly no food in the fridge and I’m just too plain lazy to go to the shop.

    • Inspiring creams

      The team at Hamilton’s Duck Island ice cream parlour spend their days constantly tweaking, testing and perfecting their well-crafted and unique flavour combinations – resulting in the dreamiest ice cream that is worthy of a road trip just to get a scoop.

    • Ceremony

      Whether it’s the pillowy bread, the perfect execution of that egg, or the sunny disposition of the friendly faces that run the place…There’s something about Ceremony that just makes you feel good.

    • Winner Winner Kina Dinner

      by Leisha Jones My first taste of kina was as a doe-eyed Daddy’s girl, fishing off the rocks with my father. I looked up at him as if he were Jacques Cousteau, as he pulled his diving knife out of its holster and picked up a kina off the rocks. He crudely ripped the top […]

    • Petra Shawarma

      by Leisha Jones Photography: Aaron McLean Maryam Omar and her sister Dalal Omar take great pride in showing off the flavours of Jordan to Kingsland locals. At the family-run Petra Shawarma, questions about the menu are answered in great detail – how the dish would be eaten back home, how it has been slightly altered […]

    • Auckland’s Mint

      by Leisha Jones photography: Josh Griggs Talking shit and drinking spritz with the man behind the beanie.