• Kate Richards


    Kate Richards is an Auckland-based food writer who loves pasta, constantly embarrasses herself, and thinks she's funnier than she actually is. Like most people here, she started her career in hospitality before turning to writing first for Simon Farrell-Green's now sadly-defunct blog Eat Here Now, then Paperboy and Metro Magazines. You can follow Kate on Instagram @kate.bitchards

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      Screen prints: Sheahan Huri

    • Ugly delicious.

      Auckland’s least Instagramable dishes There’s no point getting preachy. We all know that Instagram and her army of shiny influencers have changed the way we look at and consume food. So let’s take a moment to appreciate the ugly-delicious ducklings of Auckland’s culinary landscape, for being both relatable and tasty.

    • Hot Love

      by Kate Richards It wasn’t until I told my workmates that I’d been testing aphrodisiac foods on them to see if they would fall in love with me, and someone pointed out that that was a weird thing to do, that I thought anything of it. Before that, it made perfect sense: interactive workplace fun.

    • Soju Seoul

      by Kate Richards Photography: Guillaume Luke Zachary and Hyun Gyu Yoo. It’s hot. I sweat weaving in and out of Myeong-dong’s ubiquitous street food vendors, searching for anything ‘authentic’ amidst curly deep-fried potatoes on sticks, scallops with cheese, hotdogs, and lukewarm pomegranate juice.

    • Salad Days.

      If I’m honest with myself, I knew it’d never work out. My willpower levels are low, and frankly, I don’t have a strong enough moral compass to fully commit to vegetarianism. I’m a shit human, so sue me.