• Ginny Grant

    Ginny is a senior food writer for Cuisine magazine, recipe developer and food stylist. Her office appears to have evolved from cookbook repository to become a ferment room for kefir, kimchi and kombucha. In her kitchen there is always hot sauce to be had, a lemon to hand, and gin within reach. Instagram - @ginny.grant

  • Articles by Ginny Grant:

    • Starter Crumpets

      I just couldn’t seem to co-ordinate a time to get to one of Jerome’s sourdough baking classes. But knowing half a dozen bread obsessives that have done his class, the odds of getting my hands on some starter and the recipe was always looking good.

    • Oysters

      Photography: Fraser Chatham “The poorer a place is the greater call there seems for oysters. Look here, Sir, here’s a oyster stall to every half dozen houses — the street’s lined with ’em. Blessed if I don’t think that when a man’s very poor, he rushes out of his lodgings and eats oysters in regular […]

    • Eden Noodle

      photography: Josh Griggs I’m almost loath to talk about Eden Noodles. It’s truly one of the finest producers of Sichuan food in this city. It’s small, it’s handily located at the top end of Dominion Road and it always has queues forming outside at peak times. If you can’t handle chilli or heat to your […]

    • Paletas

      It’s a stinking hot summers day, you’re not moving anywhere for anybody, you’re staging a sit in in the hammock, who needs the beach. Luckily you had dregs in the vodka bottle, a spare punnet of strawberries, a lonely chilli and an old tin of mangoes to whip yourself up some refreshing treats yesterday in […]

    • Mumbai Chaat

      One of the great joys of travelling in countries with a strong food culture is the ability to find a cheap snack at any time via the street side vendors and stalls. For a local version, vegetarian diner Mumbai Chaat in Sandringham (1A Kitchener Rd, there is another branch in Blockhouse Bay Auckland only) may […]

    • Ginny’s Jam

      A gift of plums from Fiona Smith’s tree in Western Springs, slightly overripe, is either going to be devoured as is, stewed or alternatively made into jam.