• Fiona Smith

    As an award winning food stylist and writer, Fiona Smith brings to Stone Soup a compelling mix of passion, food knowledge, creative know-how and a keen, some would say obsessive, eye for detail when it comes to best in class food writing and styling. She's in constant demand to deliver her talents for a wide range of food brands and publishers and is a self-confessed perfectionist when it comes to style and taste. Fiona is a senior writer for Cuisine magazine as well as Head Judge of the Cuisine Artisan Awards, is an active member of Foodwriters New Zealand and has had 6 cookbooks published. Instagram - @fionasmithfood

  • Articles by Fiona Smith:

    • Batter up – Fiona Smith shares her love for okonomiyaki, the Japanese pancake.

      For my money, the street and casual food of Japan is where you find some of the best flavours. Takoyaki, octopus dumplings, are everywhere – too tempting when I’m trying not to eat octopus – as are yakimochi (grilled rice paste cakes) being grilled over charcoal.

    • 1 fish 4 ways

      On a recent visit to Lima I ate at La Picanteria, a fantastic seafood restaurant in the Surquillo district. The bar counter is covered in fresh fish and you basically buy one the size you need for your group and choose a few different preparations. If you have a really fresh fish to hand, try […]

    • Olive Harvest

      photography: Aaron McLean For a young New Zealand girl, growing up on a quarter-acre section in central Auckland, growing and pressing your own olive oil seemed the reserve of the elite, with acres of rolling hills in the country. My Italian neighbours would tell of their yearly olive harvest and I imagined their estate in […]

    • Don’t throw it away

      We keep being told there is a lot of food wastage in the Western world. I don’t know about you, but I am guilty as charged. I have too many veges that don’t get eaten and I tip half-eaten tins/jars of things that have spent too long in the fridge down the sink. On the […]

    • Vada Pao

      Mumbai is fuelled by street food and every street has a cart of tasty morsels stoking the engines of it’s multitude. Vada Pao is possibly the most popular choice, found wherever you turn. It’s often referred to as “poor man’s food” because it’s cheap and filling, I’d add delicious to that list of reasons to […]

    • Seaweed Sauce

      It’s a beautiful, wild, frustrating walk along the beach after a summer storm. The sea has offered up a myriad of beautiful seaweed and I want to make salad, at the very least but with a mind to doing so much more. The frustration comes with the lack of information out there on what we […]

    • Umami

      u-ma-mi noun /u:’ma:mi/ A category of taste in food (besides sweet, sour, salt, and bitter), corresponding to the flavour of glutamates, especially monosodium glutamate.

    • Why I Like Apero

      Salty, sweet, tangy, tart, crunchy and surprisingly light, the goat cheese croquettes with Kaimahi honey at Apero are the perfect start to any dinner. I’ve had them many times before because I have to say, unreservedly, that I love Apero.

    • Scotch Eggs

      Perfect picnic food, Scotch eggs are popping up on menus everywhere from Wellington’s Field & Green to London’s seriously cool Grain Store.