• Charles Buenconsejo


    Charles Buenconsejo is an Auckland photographer and artist hailing from the Philippines. When he is not taking photographs of his experiences adapting to his new home, he spends his time contemplating growth in his new garden and enjoying the fact his YouTube algorithm now directs him away from the dystopia which previously imploded his brain. @charliebuenconsejo

  • Articles by Charles Buenconsejo:

    • Kapwa

      From lockdown to Open Homes – generating a village through the practice of giving.

    • Tools for conviviality

      Months before the government announcement of Level 4 lockdown to fight COVID-19, New Zealand society started to resemble my experiences of America’s ‘Black Friday’ shopping hysteria. Grocery stores and garden centres had bare shelves, but I was fortunate enough to have my own mini DIY polytunnel.

    • My pinalanggang ginikanan

      Back to my roots. Words and images by Charles Buenconsejo I grew up in paradise, in a small town called Consolacion on the beautiful island of Cebu in the Philippines. Reminiscing about my roots, I can’t stop thinking about the way our entire community used to be and how beautiful the town was before progress […]

    • Nanam

      Charles Buenconsejo liked interviewing, writing about and photographing the crew at Nanam so much for Stone Soup Volume 4 so much, he decided to turn his interview into a video as a gift to celebrate their new abode.

    • Defamiliarising the Familiar

      Words & Photography – Charles Buenconsejo For an immigrant, settling down in unfamiliar territory has never been easy, you have to deal with discomfort to become comfortable. As the German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche famously said, “one must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star”.