PERFECT PAIRING – an homage to the career waiters of New Orleans

Words and images by: Jacqui Gibson

In the fine dining Creole restaurants of New Orleans, great waiters are revered as much as the great food. Jacqui Gibson meets waiter Troy Becker who recently traded restaurant management for waiting tables at Commander’s Palace – and hasn’t looked back. Full article “PERFECT PAIRING – an homage to the career waiters of New Orleans”


a short story by Ruby White

We were welcomed with overwhelming stillness. The house was perfect; thatched roof, mud walls, aged wind turbines turning lethargically in the garden. We knew we were in the right place when we saw the front door, a triple glazed shoji. With the Japanese sensibility radiating from everything, I felt like I’d been spirited away. Full article “PROF. SAKURAI AND HIS KAIWAKA RICE”

Good things grow

What could be better as a chef than to have a direct relationship with the people who grow your produce and an influence over what they grow? Or as a grower committed to producing high-quality produce to have an assured market, which is passionate about what you do and how you do it? A sustainable food culture and agriculture focused on excellence requires these relationships to thrive Full article “Good things grow”

The Good Oil

Matt Lamason didn’t realise when he started Peoples Coffee in Wellington 14 years ago that one day it would provide a platform from which he could do some utopian walking. But lessons from his adventures in pursuit of the perfect bean reinforced the principles he had been inspired by in his studies, and inspired him to aim for the horizon. And now, as they say, he’s ‘making a path by walking’, Full article “The Good Oil”

Brews before bros

Alice Neville is a female human who likes to drink beer, and she’s just about had it up to here with your sexist shit.

‘Smash the beer patriarchy’ is a phrase I trot out good-naturedly whenever I encounter an example of everyday beer sexism — the likes of being immediately directed to the wine list at a dedicated craft beer bar, or when some bloke attempts to mansplain the IPA I’m drinking to me. Full article “Brews before bros”