Askew One

“..the penny dropped for me that food is seen as this really benign and irrelevant thing, but it’s actually everything. And it pertains to every aspect of life on this planet. The environment, politics, trade and economics, health and wellbeing, preservation of culture; food is pretty much the single most important issue.” Full article “Askew One”

Vada Pao

Mumbai is fuelled by street food and every street has a cart of tasty morsels stoking the engines of it’s multitude. Vada Pao is possibly the most popular choice, found wherever you turn. It’s often referred to as “poor man’s food” because it’s cheap and filling, I’d add delicious to that list of reasons to try making some of these flavourful vegetarian potato burgers. Full article “Vada Pao”


It’s a stinking hot summers day, you’re not moving anywhere for anybody, you’re staging a sit in in the hammock, who needs the beach. Luckily you had dregs in the vodka bottle, a spare punnet of strawberries, a lonely chilli and an old tin of mangoes to whip yourself up some refreshing treats yesterday in anticipation of today’s backyard holiday. Full article “Paletas”

Seaweed Sauce

It’s a beautiful, wild, frustrating walk along the beach after a summer storm. The sea has offered up a myriad of beautiful seaweed and I want to make salad, at the very least but with a mind to doing so much more. The frustration comes with the lack of information out there on what we can and can’t eat and what to do specifically with different varieties. Full article “Seaweed Sauce”

Mumbai Chaat

One of the great joys of travelling in countries with a strong food culture is the ability to find a cheap snack at any time via the street side vendors and stalls. For a local version, vegetarian diner Mumbai Chaat in Sandringham (1A Kitchener Rd, there is another branch in Blockhouse Bay Auckland only) may be as close as you can get. Full article “Mumbai Chaat”